Tram Hunter v1.0

20 June 2012

Latest changes include:

  • New 'Action Bar' style and better support for ICS
  • We now require at least Android 2.1 (mainly for Action Bar and theme stuff)
  • Yarra Trams twitter feed for home screen
  • Much improved 'Network Map' that doesn't crash and is 'browser' rendered so we have nice pinch-to-zoom
  • Reminder notification for approaching tram (Thanks to Tarcio Saraiva for his patches)
  • Updated Stop database which will fix those stops that would always give errors (Probably new 'super stops')
  • Fix for trams with missing tram icons
  • Performance improvements all round
  • Better error messages from Tram Tracker web service

Tram Hunter v0.9

12th July 2011

Latest changes include:

  • Allow renaming of favourite stops
  • Added route selector for stops with >1 route
  • Can now favourite a stop for a specific route
  • Updated stops database
  • Nearby stops fix for stale locations
  • New tram network map
  • Minor fix for stops with a 'Special Event'

Tram Hunter v0.8

4th April 2011

Latest changes include:

  • Force Close fix for some devices including HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z
  • Special Event message now an OK dialog
  • Re-arrangeable favourites

Tram Hunter v0.7

25th Dec 2010

Major UI refresh, with changes including:

  • New home screen with icons
  • Action bar for each activity
  • Nice high-res icons for HDPI devices
  • Android 1.5 fixes
  • Small screen device support (e.g. HTC Wildfire)
  • App2SD Support
  • Application wide search button support
  • Tram Network Map thanks to 'AndroidBigImage' project
  • Better Stop map marker
  • My Location button for map
  • Location fixes

Tram Hunter v0.6

26th Sep 2010

Latest changes include:

  • Show star for favourite stops in all lists
  • Fixed clock issue for handsets which have their time set wrong, showing bad times for approaching trams

Tram Hunter v0.5

20th Aug 2010

Latest changes include:

  • Tram icons
  • Minor fixes